Podocarpus(“罗汉松”inChinese)belongs to the conifers genus and is a widely distributed and abundantly found plant of the podocarp family Podocarpaceae. It is an evergreen shrub and therefore it is significantly helpful to improve the beautification of gardening and landscaping sites. Usually, it can grow between 3-82 feet tall and its cones have 2-5 cone scales that are specifically fused and makes a berry-like, fleshy, and bright receptacle after reaching the maturity stages.


Their bluish, purple, and reddish fleshy cones are safe for eating and can be eaten as raw and cooked in pies and jams. These offer mucilaginous structures and a slightly sweetened flavor. Their excessive consumption can cause slight toxicity so they must be consumed in the optimal amounts. Some species are also used in traditional medicines for the treatment of fever, leukemia, canine distemper, sexually transmitted diseases, arthritis, and coughs.

Growing Conditions

These plants grow well in the mildly warm, and temperate regions. This plant has good tolerance to air pollution, soil compaction, drought, and poor drainage. Moreover, it can be easily pruned to any desired shape to produce desired effects in the gardening places. It has an upright growing habit and produces finely textured, slender, and pyramidal leaves having higher resistance to the damage.Podocarpus tree is very easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance for best growth and development.


Various Podocarpus species are specially grown in the landscaping and gardening sites and can be easily trained to screens, espaliers, and hedges. These are essentially important plants for the gardens due to their deep green and attractive foliage. Some of the species of Podocarpus are being used as medicinal plants due to their potential medication effects. Podocarpus are evergreen trees and greatly helps to maintain the beauty of growing spaces. Gardeners can even use garden stones, for Zen gardens, and Podocarpus bonsai to create exceptionally beautiful gardening places.

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