Premna Microphylla

It is also known as the Japanese neem tree and is a small tree or perennial shrub that grows well in both wild and domesticated places. It produces small conical flowers in the form of panicles that starts blooming in the early summer timings. It produces obovate, ovate, elliptic, ovate-lanceolate, and opposite leaves with lobed, entire, or serrulate margins.


There is a significant variation in the leaf size,but they are beautifully textured and therefore this tree is an ideal choice for Bonsai tree and Zen garden. Gardeners can get safe and good quality Bonsai types from Bonsai nursery to favor the good growth and development.

Growing Conditions

These are subtropical and tropical trees and require good temperature for optimal growth and development. They thrive well in the full sunny conditions but requires good aeration for their growth. These plants needhigh humidity, lots of sunlight, and a warm place for best development. These plants have strong growing habits and can also tolerate frost conditions.

Care & Management

Gardeners should frequently water these plants and should never allow the complete drying out of the soil. The application of solid organic fertilizer is essentially helpful to provide essential nutrients for plant growth as pre-requirements and growing stages of plants.

Long growing shoots must be shortened to one to two leaf pairs. Pruning in the summer conditions is significantly recommended to support the stronger growth of plants. These plants can also be repotted in 2-3 years,but a standard and high-quality soil mix should be used to ensure maximum support, growth, and development.

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