Water Jasmine

Water Jasmine tree or “水梅”inChineseis native to Malaysia, China, and Indochinaand can grow to a height of about twenty feet. These plants have prominent surface of roots, and grey colored smooth bark. It is often used for Bonsai in the south Asian countries. This plant has lanceolate and light green colored leaves that are specifically arranged in the opposite patterns. It can be grown along with the garden stones in the Zen gardens to enhance the looks and appeal of growing spaces by multiple times.


This plant produces fragrant, pendulous, and white-colored flowers that produces green colored and long seed pods by due to pollination by the insects. Later on, these pods are converted to the bean pairs. The looks of this plant can be greatly enhanced by the pruning and are usually trained to make hedges.

Growing Conditions

This plant grows best in the summer conditions and loves heat so it must be placed in any location where it can get good sunlight. The trees are converted to the semi-deciduous nature in the cold days. An accelerated growth and development can also be reported in the indoor conditions by the provision of artificial grow lights, a heating system, and other essential requirements.


Water Jasmine requires a good amount of water for its growth, and development and must be thoroughly watered soon after drying of soil surface. The soil should never be allowed to dry out completely as it can directly cause the water stress. Moreover, overirrigation should also be avoided to minimize the problem of root rotting and disease development.

This tree can be easily managed in the desired shape by pruning to accelerate strong beginning. This plant has a vigorous growing habit and constantly develop new shoots that need continuous trimming. This plant can be defoliated for various times a year in the tropical climates for reduction of leaf sizing and to increase the twigging.

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