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Tranquil & Serene Landscaping


Beautiful Design

Get a landscaping design with a tranquil zen feel designed by experts. Give your property a stunning look and increase the value of it.

Wide Selection

Wide selection of trees and landscaping design to choose from that can suit your home or commercial property.

One-stop Centre

Our landscaping centre offers a one-stop centre from trees, plants, fertilisers, accessories to services.

"What Topaz Landscape did for my garden was totally amazing! Their landscape advisor and team were professional and meticulous to my requirements. At the end of the day, I got a beautiful garden that was pleasing and added value to my property! My neighbours were envy!
Timothy Seah
Bungalow Home Owner
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Zen Garden

Zen gardens or Japanese rock gardens are specifically designed for the creation of miniature and stylish landscape by careful composition and arrangement of rocks, bushes, sand, gravel, pruned trees, moss, and water features. 


Zen Landscape Design

There is a great range of variation in the Zen landscape design and property owners can create specific features in their places. Zen garden can be described by the concept of simple, balanced, peaceful, and serene words. 



Nursery plants are properly nurtured by the provision of optimal growing conditions for best growth, development, and survival in different climatic and environmental conditions.



Juniper Juniperusoccidentalisor “真柏” in Chinese belongs to the Juniperus genus and contains 60-70 species of evergreen and aromatic trees and shrubs of the Cupressaceae family.



Podocarpus(“罗汉松”in Chinese belongs to the conifers genus and is a widely distributed and abundantly found plant of the podocarp family Podocarpaceae.



We provide a wide range of bonsai plants that according to your preferences and growing conditions. We also provide advice for care and management for maximum protection and ease.

Environmental Commitment

Earthly Treasures sources its hardwood resources through Sustained Yield Management, reaffirming its commitment to perserving the environment whilst at the same time bringing nature closer to its clients.

Solid Wood Table Tops & Furniture

Visit our showroom Earthly Treasures for high quality local and solid wood furniture to complement your Japanese Garden.

Solid Wood Table Tops & Furniture

High Quality & Timeless


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Topaz Landscape & Nursery Sdn Bhd (422529T)

Lot 32537, Jalan Atmosphere Utama 2,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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